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I don't have a picture yet.. I'm working on it... Please don't delete me. I like this community. I love 40z. I came to tell the story of my first 40oz...

It was my freshman year in high school and a good friend came and picked me up at home. I had a lot of money and a big craving for liquor, but it was past 9 so we couldn't go to the liquor store. So she got her friend to buy us some 40z. We knew nothing about them, we told him to just get us whatever. I got 6 Mickeys. It was the best time of my life. I quit drinking and hadn't had a 40 since until little less than a month ago. I we got O.E. I don't really like them, they're good, but nothing compares to Mickeys. So now, every time I drink, no matter what's in my selection, I ask for Mickeys. =)
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