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Wooooooo! Cheap way to get drunk!!!!!!

Yeeeeehaawww! Yeah, I'm new to this community, love to drink 40ozes of beer by the case. Old E is my flavorite, although I'll drink any 40 that's available. I've probably got drunk off of just about every kind of 40oz. There's this one that's called Four 0 that has shitty 1980's-style graffiti all over it. Ten percent alcohol volume! I highly suggest takin' a swig of that cheap shit (I found it for $1.75 in the Pittsburgh area which is cheap!) Lemme see if I can list......
Old English,
St. Ide's,
Four 0,
Crazy Horse,
Camo Silver Ice,
Coors Light,
Old Milwaukee (which is what I'm swillin' on right now),
Miller High Life,
Miller Genuine Draft,
Colt 45,
Blue Bull,
Red Bull,
Yuengling (comes in quarts, love that shit!),
Lucky No. 7,
Damn, there're probably a few more that I've had, but that's just off the top of my head. I love them all, even down to the dreg!

I'll get a pic up as soon as I can. I would like to find the person who took a picture of me in Pittsburgh at my house on Chesterfield Rd. where I was surreounded by about 15 40oz bottles and I had my arms around them like they were my buds. The girl's name was Maggie, and she was a travelin' kid. If you're out there Maggie, send those pics!

Here's to my new homies and my dead ones.*spill, spill*

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